The Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, also known as TCOC, is a independent, non-profit organization of leading commercial firms, business associations, and businessmen in the Republic of China (Taiwan).

It was founded on Sept.16, 1946 mainly to represent the interests of Chinese business community, promote commercial development in line with government policies, and establish international economic cooperation with other countries.

The former body of TCOC was “Taiwan Commerce & Industry Economic Association” in the Japanese occupation period. After the restoration of Taiwan in 1945, the “Taiwan Commerce & Industry Economic Association” was immediately disbanded and the association was reorganized as the “Taiwan Federation of Chamber of Commerce”. On Sept.16,1946, the first provincial member representatives’ convention was convened in the Sun Yat-Sen Community Center, Taipei, and Mr. Lin Hsiung-Cheng was the first chairman. At that time, the “Taiwan Chamber of Commerce” established.

Under the excellent leadership and joint hard work of the chairmen, and directors and supervisors of previous terms, the chamber always maintain the objective of promoting domestic and foreign trade, stimulating economic development, coordinating relationship between peer companies and increasing mutual benefits. Therefore the chamber has become an important force in the society that cannot be ignored.

>>Organization Structure

Based on the commercial organization law, the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce is composed of 110 members including 21 counties and cities chamber of commerce and 89 provincial trade associations. Under these two categories, there are 1,580 trade associations of which 592,785companies are members.