1. Purpose of Provincial Chamber of Commerce:

Since its establishment in 1946, the Taiwan Provincial Chamber of Commerce has been adhering to the purpose of promoting domestic and foreign trade, promoting economic development, coordinating inter-industry relations, and enhancing common interests. With the outstanding leadership and joint efforts of the previous directors and supervisors, the meeting has flourished and made business The status of the world is rising day by day, and it has become an important force that cannot be ignored in society.

2. Overview of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce: Mr. Zhang Pingzhao, the 22nd Chairman of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce
The Taiwan Provincial Chamber of Commerce in accordance with the Business Organization Law includes 21 county and city chambers of commerce and 89 provincial-level business associations.Wait 110
For each member , the member may select a member representative to attend the Provincial Chamber of Commerce member representative meeting (see the organization chart and the list of member groups for details).

The Provincial Chamber of Commerce organizes the board of directors and the board of supervisors by mutual election of member representatives. Now it is the 22nd board of directors and the board of supervisors. The chairman is Zhang Pingzhao
Mr, The convener of the board of supervisors is Mr. Cai Chongxiong (see the list of directors and supervisors for details ). Ordinary course of business which are fed from business groups, business groups, signed
syndrome group,The general affairs team is responsible for promotion and execution (see the administrative system diagram for details ), and the focus of its work includes:

Propagate business laws and regulations in coordination with national economic policies.
Strive for government authorization to commission various commercial activities and promote commercial modernization.
Assist in responding to the voice of the industry and fighting for the interests of the business community.
Sponsor advertisements and exhibitions of member products.
Serving SMEs, coordinating labor-management relations, and mediating member commercial disputes.
Compile and print provincial business monthly magazines and provide various domestic and foreign business information.
Issuing certificates of origin and other commercial certification documents.
Assist domestic and foreign manufacturers to hold irregular training courses.
Handle matters such as study visits abroad and reception of sisters’ associations and foreign guests’ visits.
Management and contact matters for the basic information of member organizations and member representatives.
Convening of various meetings and compilation of meeting materials.
Cooperate with relevant festival celebrations and promote social welfare activities.
Promote abacus education to carry forward the traditional commercial quintessence.
3. Historical evolution of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce

1. The period of Japanese rule

The predecessor of the Taiwan Provincial Chamber of Commerce was the “Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Economics” during the Japanese occupation period. It focused on the control, operation, maintenance, liaison, investigation, research, and improvement of Taiwan’s industrial economy, as well as the bargaining of wartime commodities and the rationing of daily necessities. main mission. [The picture shows the establishment of the Temporary Industry Investigation Committee in the Governor’s Office of Taiwan in 1920 , and a group photo in front of the former Taiwan Governor’s Office (today’s Presidential Office) . Mr. Lin Xiongzheng , the first chairman of the Association (first from the right in the front row) is listed among them]
2. In the early stage of the foundation

1945 years after the retrocession of Taiwan, and soon disbanded, “Commerce and Industry of Taiwan’s economy will” reorganized as “Taiwan Province Federation of Chambers of Commerce,” 1946 Nian 9 Yue 16 held its first provincial congress in Taipei Zhongshan Hall, chaired by Mr. Lin Xiong Zheng The first chairman of the board, the association was formally established. Since the post-war period is a waste of time, political and economic construction has just started, so it is the main task of assisting the government to regulate civilian resources and stabilize prices. [Photo 19 , Mr. Chen Qiqing 46 years successors of the director post , to Nanjing on behalf of the National Chamber of Commerce and the inaugural meeting of the Constituent National Assembly , Pictured Taiwan seventeen constitutional representatives (chairman Chen Qiqing in the front row, fourth from right) Take a photo with the former President Jiang Gong . 】

3. Period of economic take-off:

From 1951 to 1971 , the government began to implement land reform, and implemented a series of four-year economic and construction projects in 1953 , and began to concentrate on the development of labor-intensive people’s livelihood light industry. By 1960 , the government promulgated the “Nineteen Point Financial Measures and Investment Incentives Regulations”. Later, it shifted to the stage of export-oriented industrialization. During this period, the Provincial Chamber of Commerce not only assisted the government internally to develop the economy, strengthened the organization of business organizations, and actively cooperated with the government’s overseas expansion, held trade shows, and expanded international trade. [The picture shows in 1964 , Mr. Xie Chengyuan, the chairman of the Association, organized a business group to go to Ryukyu to hold a trade show, which received enthusiastic responses from home and abroad]
4. Period of industrial and commercial development:

In 1973 , the Commercial Organizations Act was promulgated and implemented. The Association was renamed “Taiwan Province Chamber of Commerce” in accordance with the law. During this period, it cooperated with the government to promote the ten major constructions. The Association focused on solving the plight of the industry, expanding foreign trade, and assisting in the implementation of commercial decrees. After the severance of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1979 , the Association shared the responsibility of national diplomacy. In addition to receiving foreign business friends and conducting economic and trade exchanges, it also actively established diplomatic relations with more than 20 city ​​chambers of commerce in the United States, Canada, Belgium, South Korea and other places . Friendship and overseas business are indispensable.
5. In modern times of the Association:

Since 1980 , the focus of our work has been to assist the government in promoting business modernization, business upgrading, fighting for industry rights, participating in social welfare and other matters, and actively expanding business exchanges and inspections in the mainland to develop new markets for the business community. Looking back on more than 50 years, the political development of Taiwan has changed from restoration, martial law, lifting of martial law, to the rotation of political parties, and economic development from agriculture, handicrafts, light industry, and heavy industry to the financial services industry, creating the world’s enviable “Taiwan miracle.” During the period, the Taiwan Province Chamber of Commerce Under the leadership of the previous chairman of the board, they have played a full range of functions, grow and grow together with the country, and make a lot of contributions to the society and business community. Looking to the future, let us work together to create a new development opportunity for Taiwan.